Women's Gun Classes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Women shooters are encouraged at Scottsdale Firearm Training. Ladies will find that women gun classes at SFT are corporate in style, positive, and encouraging.

Women's Gun Safety Class

Scottsdale Firearm Training understands that the shooting world can seem to be a world of opposites to a new shooter. One website will present one idea while a second will say the exact opposite. What we try to do at SFT is to cut through the noise and provide you with the best information possible so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Not only will SFT provide the best information on how to shoot but also on the options for storage, options for how to carry, best options for less than lethal force, and any other questions that may arise.

The most important aspect of training with Scottdale Firearm Training is listening to YOU. Then developing a plan to address your interests as well as providing you the information needed to make the best decision.

Gun Classes for Women

Training for ladies can be done in three different formats based on how you feel most comfortable.

First, if you would like to take one of SFT standard classes such as Basic Pistol, CCW, and Home Defense Fundamentals or any of the classes SFT provides, you can sign up to take an existing class or sign up to take a group class with five of your friends.

The second option is to schedule a private lesson with a group of one to five of your friends and SFT will customize this lesson to the goals you would like to achieve.

The last option is one-on-one training. You can sign up for individual lessons. Before these lessons begin, we can discuss your individual goals for training. These lessons will be tailored to your specific goals.

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