Shotgun Training Course in Scottsdale, Arizona

Skeet shooting is the great American wing shooting sport. Trapshooting and sporting clays were both developed in Europe. In America, skeet shooting was designed for upland bird hunting.

Skeet shooting has come a long way from when it was just a form of hunting practice. Today it is an Olympic sport, and thousands of skeet fields are dotted across the United States. Even in the anti-gun area of Rochester, NY, where I grew up, there were 22 active Skeet and Trap clubs.

If you are a new shooter and are on the lookout for skeet shooting courses to learn the basics of skeet shooting and win, this is the class for you. This shotgun training course will teach you tactical shotgun training drills, how to shoot skeet, and the philosophy on why this style of shooting will work on the skeet field.

We will cover where to stand at each station and how much lead to adjust for each station. In addition, you will learn the five philosophies for breaking birds.


The most important thing to remember about skeet shooting is that it is very social. Skeet is the putting green of the wing-shooting world. First, due to the nature of skeet, a squad of five shooters shoots at one time. There is an opportunity to develop friendships while one person shoots.

The second reason skeet shooting is called the putting green of the wing-shooting sports is all the shots are close, usually 25 yards or closer, and at a variety of angles. This is a sport that is hard to learn but easy to master. In addition, once you have mastered tactical shotgun training, all of the other shotgun sports are easier to learn.

If you are an experienced shooter and would like to enhance your skill, private lessons are available too. We will review how you are currently shooting skeet and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals during these lessons. In addition, we will look at not only the stations that are giving you trouble but also the complete game from preparation to post-shooting evaluation.

This class will enable you to take your skeet shooting to the next level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter.

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