Extreme Handgun Accuracy Classes in Scottsdale, Arizona

In the environment that we live in today, the necessity for our Extreme Handgun Accuracy class has never been greater. Whether you are defending your home or going about your daily activities, you may need to place an accurate shot to stop an active shooter. We will teach you how to find precision in your shooting.

 The legal ramifications of quickly firing 15 shots at your attacker can be life-altering. You are responsible for every round fired, and if you miss the attacker or hit an innocent bystander, the ramifications could be worse than you would like to imagine. We want to remind our class that quality over quantity is ideal. An accurate shot may help you defend the innocent and yourself. 

The skillset developed in this class will serve as the foundation you may need to protect yourself and your loved ones. This class is not a guarantee that you will survive a life-threatening encounter. Instead, the Extreme Handgun Accuracy class will give you the accuracy foundation and the post-course training guide to help you achieve accuracy, increasing your chances of survival.

The purpose of this course is to provide the correct fundamentals and training to take you to the next level. Our definition of the next level is twofold:
1. Developing the skill set to shoot 25 shots in a
4” group at 25 yards offhand

2. Being able to split a business card turned
sideways at 7 yards.

Extreme Handgun Accuracy is not a one-time class that will achieve flawless results. You have to do your homework. Try putting the time into Dry Fire and Live Fire. If you utilize coaching once or twice a month to make the adjustments necessary, you may achieve the ideal results more quickly.

 The hidden value of this course is that you are not only preparing yourself for an event you hope never happens, but you are also developing your skillset beyond what the average shooter usually achieves. 

You will do 99.9% of your shooting safely at the range. Eventually, maybe you will enter a friendly competition with your classmates, friends, or family members for bragging rights. Why should you be the one to lose? The accuracy you develop through this class, and the program that goes with it will impress your friends. Remember, playing the skins game is not just for the golf course.

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