New Shooter Training Course in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you are a new shooter, welcome to the shooting sports. All are welcome. As a new shooter or recent purchaser of a gun for the first time, the next steps in your firearms journey may seem overwhelming.

How do I talk to my friends and family about this purchase, or do I? What range do I go to? How come other shooters are so much better? Why is this so hard? Where do I go for training? Who do I trust? And why does everyone on the internet have a different solution for the same question?

If any of these questions sound familiar, then you are at the right place. Scottsdale Firearm Training will provide answers to these questions and many more as you walk through your firearms journey.

The shooting community is like a lot of communities that have a passion for a single subject. Have you ever heard a Mercedes owner discuss cars with a BMW owner? The passion these owners have for automobiles is unbelievable at times. People say the same about firearm owners.


Most shooters who grew up with guns in the home were taught by family members and learned their family’s way of shooting and safety, which can be a decent way to start. However, it lacks the standardization and security that a certified instructor can provide.

A certified instructor provides universally accepted firearms safety rules. In addition, the accredited instructor teaches how to shoot a firearm while providing a course of study that the new shooter can follow to achieve the goals they have for themselves.

The instruction provided at Scottsdale Firearm Training is based on the shooting style by either a certified USSCA and NRA class or classes developed through years of competitive shooting experience. We design our courses to assist you in achieving the specific goals you want. The instruction SFT has a corporate structure, and the application process is gratifying.

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