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Mike Schindler is a firearms expert with a lifetime of knowledge to share with his students. Mike brings a unique training style that combines his firearm knowledge with training skills developed in corporate America. Mike’s honed his firearms knowledge in the crucible of the competitive shooting world.

Success in the Competitive Shooting World

Awards Won

  • 5 Junior Olympic Gold medals
  • Silver medals in the Northeastern States Games
  • Member of the New York State Marksmanship Team
  • NRA Expert Revolver League match Champion

Mike continually sought out instruction through the years:

  • NRA Basic Pistol class
  • USCCA Instructor
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Pistol instruction taught by a 20-year detective of the Hoboken Police department
Mike Schindler

Mike Schindler

owner / lead trainer
The second part of Mike’s unique skillset developed from corporate America. During his 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Mike trained new team members one on one. Pfizer’s award-winning training department invited him numerous times to be a guest trainer. In addition, He was the district sales trainer while at Takada. This training experience, combined with Mike’s extensive competitive shooting background, creates a positive and comfortable training experience for all shooters.
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